I’m Brandy Landen, The Cosmic Counselor™.
I’m also a 41-year-young Magical Pleiadian Warrior Medicine Woman DJ Photographer!! I love listening to Solfeggio frequencies, Tibetan bowls, Breakbeats, liquid DNB, jungle, psytrance, tribal and shamanic music. I check space weather more than earth weather, and connecting with my soul family is my deepest joy.
I want to help you on your ascension journey. It’s a wild ride, but it doesn’t have to be hard. And it’s definitely more fun when we travel together!

Holistic Wellness Consultations

In each consultation, we will start with the issue most present for you, whether it’s physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Through conversation, intuitive divination and a variety of other methods, we will find your point of power so that you are able to make the shift that you need most at that time. Every session is different, so please come to it with an open mind, ready to receive exactly what you need.

Packages of multiple sessions are available.

Working with Brandy is life-changing.

With her help, I have cleared past traumas and have even been developing my innate ability to shift and choose timelines, sometimes as easily as thumbing through files in a drawer.

Make no mistake – you will do the heavy lifting of your inner work, but Brandy’s insight, support and overall multi-dimensional approach will help you shift quickly into your power. This 5D reality you’ve been hearing about? It’s real, and Brandy is very much in touch with it.

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