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Hello, beautiful beings of Earth and beyond!  I am Brandy Landen, The Cosmic Counselor!

Today is the New Moon in Aries, so I’m inclined to celebrate the astrological New Year with an offering of love and inspiration.  I find it so uplifting to connect to my Self as a Divine Sovereign Being on a daily basis.  It is even more important to me during times of stress and chaos.  It helps me to be grounded in my body and reminds me of my deeper purpose.  I am here to support the Beings of Earth with my unique gifts during this Awakening.

My own cosmic counselor shared this affirmation with me, which I use in my daily meditation practice.  Now I share it with you with so much joy!  It has reminded me to claim my power, own my sovereignty, be present in the moment, and make conscious choices as I create my reality every day.  It is simple, yet profoundly powerful.  It works no matter what spiritual faith you follow, if you are open to the message.

I start my meditations by closing my aura to all but the Love (Christ) vibration.  I simply say out loud, “I close my aura to all but the Christ vibration.”  Then, I close my eyes and take several deep, slow breaths to release any tension in my body, gently letting go of any emotions for the moment, allowing my mind to be calm.  I say the following out loud:



I AM WORD through my Being,


I AM WORD through my Vibration,


I AM WORD through knowing My Self as WORD,


I repeat this three times, all the way through, breathing deeply in between repetitions.  Then, with my eyes still closed, I see a silver cord coming up from the center of the Earth, attaching to the base of my spine, connecting me to Mother Gaia.  I then follow the silver cord up my spine through each main chakra center, seeing the bright glowing sphere of energy lighting up each chakra – red, orange, and yellow.  I pause at the green of my heart center.  There I see the green light expanding outward into pink and white light with gold sparkles, an energy field of protection that surrounds my entire being.  Then I continue up my spine through the remaining chakras, following the silver cord through blue, indigo, and violet energy centers.  From the crown I see the silver cord extend upwards into the sky, connecting me with all other living beings on this planet and beyond.  I feel at One with All.

I sit quietly and feel gratitude.  I often feel gratitude for life, for breath, for waking up, for my body, for my family, for my friends, for my home.  I let the gratitude wash over me and expand the light that surrounds me.  I allow my feelings of joy and gratitude to bring me whatever messages of hope, inspiration, healing that will lift my energy in that moment.  I then use these feelings to set my intentions and focus.

I encourage you to try this meditation.  It can take 5 minutes or 55 minutes, as you wish.  Try it out in your backyard, in the bathtub, on a mountain, on the toilet (your “throne”?!) – it doesn’t matter when or where, it only matters that you try it with an open mind and heart.  If and when you do try it, let me know how it feels.  I’d love to hear from you!

One Love,

Brandy Landen, The Cosmic Counselor